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Sports Bar Roasting Black Bear for Green Bay Packers Football Game

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by hearit

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In The News

A sports bar owner in Minnesota shows his loyal support for the Green Bay Packers -- roasting a black bear in honor of the Packers' football game against the Chicago Bears.

The Tiffany Sports Lounge -- a sports bar in St. Paul, Minnesota -- plans to cook up a new item, despite the fact it can't be served on the menu: a 180-pound black bear is set to be roasted in a pig-roaster, over flames, hickory and charcoal. The sports bar claims the bear was shot in northern Wisconsin during bear hunting season toward the end of last year, then frozen.

The sports bar's plan to serve the bear meat to customers has been nixed -- the health department wasn't too keen on the plan, rejecting the request to serve bear meat because the meat is unprocessed. Tiffany Sports Lounge customers can opt for a snapshot with the roasted bear.


Tiffany Sports Lounge (Sports Bar)
2051 Ford Parkway
St. Paul, MN 55116
United States
Phone: (651) 690-4747
44° 55' 4.296" N, 93° 11' 13.0524" W
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