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Nuts and Bolts We Got Screwed High School Football Announcer Meltdown

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by hearit

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The craziest and best high school game announcer meltdown yet: “Nuts and bolts, we got screwed!” In a MA state, October 22 high school game between football rivals Rockland Bulldogs and Abington Green Wave, things go more than a little crazy--a highly-anticipated game between two undefeated teams, huge rivals, gets a bad call and ends differently than expected. The YouTube video says it all, tracing the tv announcer's frantic and more frantic play-by-play. A bad call on a pass, during final moments of the football game between high school rivals, results in a touchdown that shouldn’t have occurred. The result: Abington High School loses its “at-home” football game against Massachusetts state rival team Rockland, for the first time since 2004. Before the bad call, the Abington Wave had been beating Massachusetts' Rockland High’s football team 12-7, with just 3 minutes remaining in the entire game. The blown ref’s call takes away an obvious touchdown from the Abington Wave, the Rockland Bulldogs’ football team allowed to keep possession of the ball. The Rockland football team then scores twice—beating Aberton Wave for a final score of 21-12 in the cross-town rivals’ game. Best is the fact that this sports announcer’s meltdown’s got nothing to do with the pros—or college. Listen to the video beginning to end, it's worthy. It’s only high school, guys.

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