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European is a Language Ask Packers Aaron Rodgers on Jimmy Kimmel

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by hearit

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In The News

Whoever said athletes are stupid is an absolute moron. The Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers proves that fact: The pro football player even knows "European"--and apparently European is a language, as he proves on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Rodgers just won best NFL player at the ESPYs and that's good -- because the football pro would not do well as, say, a foreign diplomat.
Aaron Rodgers is describing a story to Kimmel -- one involving on-field cameramen who were trying to get an angle on the 2011 Super Bowl coin toss. The story's set-up is good, until a blunder throws things off badly.
"These two Europeans...I'm guessing, because that's the language they were speaking," says the Packers player. When the Jimmy Kimmel Live audience starts laughing and Rodgers isn't quite sure why, the football star gets embarrassed and begins blushing -- incorrectly chalking up the laughter to what he believes is a politically incorrect blunder he's made, through using the term "Europeans".
An embarrassed Rodgers -- completely unaware that things are about to get more embarrassing yet -- asks Kimmel, "Is that [Europeans] ok to say?" It's Jimmy Kimmel who then has to kindly inform Aaron Rodgers that, well, "there's no such language as European."
So, it seems Rodgers is not familiar with the fact that European is not a language. But that's ok, since it's probably a country -- and those things are easily confused.
Anyway, it's a simple mistake anyone could make: Perhaps the football player just got the European language confused with the Asian language. Yeah, that explains it.
Start the YouTube video at :55 for the embarrassing clip that neither Aaron Rodgers -- or the Jimmy Kimmel audience -- will quickly forget.

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