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Dirk Nowitzki Sings We Are the Champions as Dallas Parade Fans Cringe

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by hearit

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Queen--with its indelible "We are the Champions"--never saw this one coming: Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki leads his team and fans in a 2011 NBA Championship Parade celebration, with a championship rendition that has even Dallas fans cringing.
Dirk Nowitzki had two shots in working up to his "Parade Day" rendition:
First there was Dirk Nowitzki's first renditin of "We Are the Champions" -- 'sung' in the Dallas Mavericks locker room after winning Game 6 and the Playoffs.

Then there was Dirk Nowitzki's second rendition of "We Are the Champions" -- 'sung' in what appears to be a bar, after many drinks.

Dirk Nowitzki's infamous third rendition of "We Are the Champions" -- 'sung' at the Dallas Mavericks' Championship Parade, has apparently been requested for removal by CBS. Nowitzki first tries to pump up Dallas fans with the enthusiastic: "take dat wit youuuuu," followed by: "Alright, we gonna sing 'We are the Champions' Are we ready? Let's go. How does it go?" You'd kind of think the Mavericks star would know how the song goes, after two previous renditions in just days. But, then again, he wasn't a lot clearer on the words then either. But for those that missed the U.S. version, video of the pro player singing on the "Residenz Würzburg" balcony is still very worthy of viewing.
And to answer Nowitzki's first question of "are we ready": No, no one was ready for the wrecking ball of a version that confused even Dallas fans -- who eventually laughed over the awfulness. To hear the "song" from the Dallas fans' perspective, and Mavericks fans comments and chuckles, check out Championship Parade video footage from down in the heart of things.



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