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Brazil World Cup Champion Says Sex is Good

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by copythat

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While some soccer coaches frown upon sex during the World Cup, one former football champion begs to differ. Branco, a member of the Brazil team that won the 1994 World Cup, says that those intimate relations contributed to the football squad's success.
The football fullback told the UK Telegraph that his son was conceived during the World Cup tournament, insisting that "sex is good for you. It relieves tension."
Among the greatest in quotes, the Brazilian World Cup champion does not think players should "stuff [their] face until four in the morning or stay in a brothel." Apparently 'gluttony' is the theme?-the relation of the two is a bit fuzzy otherwise.
South African football star Benni McCarthy was left off the host country's roster, because he reportedly brought a woman back to his hotel room. The French and English footballers and team have enjoyed their own sex scandals. Argentinean players are allowed to have sex during the tournament -- with limits. England, with what seems so contrary to its publicly stiff nature, actually gives authority to spy on its own team players-to ensure no sexual relations occurs.

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