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Police Investigate Medication in LPGA Golfer Blasbergs Death

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by copythis

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Police were looking for prescription medication when they searched a doctor's house and office while investigating the recent death of LPGA golfer Erica Blasberg.
Henderson, Nevada, police report confiscating several computers, two video cameras, one cellphone and a global positioning system (GPS) from Dr. Thomas Hess' home, according to an inventory filed after the mid-May searches. Nevada Police additionally seized white plastic trash bags and a computer from Hess' medical office during the search. Hess, a general family practice physician, referred questions Tuesday to his lawyer, Charles Kelly. Kelly declined to comment.
The search warrant issued by a Henderson, Nevada, Judge shows that police were looking for the drug Alprazolam, an anti-anxiety medication also known as Xanax, plus a particular type of white medium-sized trash bags and writing samples of doctor Hess' handwriting.
LPGA golfer Erica Blasberg, age 25, died on May 9 at her home in the suburban hills of Henderson, approximately 15 miles southeast of the Las Vegas Strip. Henderson police have never said how the female golf star died, and Police department spokesman Keith Paul declined again to release information about what he called "an ongoing investigation". Police have said that a 911 call-the call that alerted and summoned Police, whereafter Police discovered Blasberg dead-came from the house. Golfer Erica Blasberg was alone when Police officers arrived at the scene.
Blasberg's sports agent said the golfer's bags were packed for a tournament in Mobile, Alabama, when she was found dead. Clark County Coroner Mike Murphy has said it could be late June before toxicology results are complete, when the coroner can officially rule on a cause and manner of death for the LPGA golfer. Erica Blasberg's father and golf coach, Mel Blasberg, says he never remembered hearing his daughter mention the doctor's [Hess'] name. "She talked about a doctor she played golf with at Southern Highlands, who was her doctor," Mel Blasberg said, referring to a golf club about a mile from Hess' home. "She never mentioned his name to me."
Mel Blasberg said his daughter knew LPGA rules about medications and random drug testing, and was careful about what she took [prescriptoin medications ingested]. Blasberg says he knew the golfer took an anti-inflammatory medication for arthritis, antibiotics for bronchitis, and took anti-anxiety medication for long airline flights. "We have to wait for this investigation to reach its finale," Blasberg said, adding that Police are not sharing information with him about the case. "I'm reluctant to say anything else," Blasberg says.
LPGA Golfer Erica Blasberg grew up in Southern California, and was in her sixth season on the LPGA Tour when she died. Her best year on the tour was 2008, when she earned more than $113,000. Blasberg played one event this season, tying for 44th in the April 29-May 2 Tres Marias Championship in Morelia, Mexico. Cause of the golfer's death has remained "under wraps" with little information disclosed, or reference to prescription medications as a cause.

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