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Used Jock Strap With Creepy Pictures for Sale on Ebay

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by venusrising

venusrising's picture
In My Life

A weird Seller with the Ebay username "elvis4b" seems to specialize in selling what's referred to as '1940's-1950's Style' New (aka Used) Jock Straps for about $10 bucks each. There's an underground subculture of people obssessed with used jock strap fetishes or those somehow attracted to previously-worn underwear. That considered, note the auction description -  "Jock has been kept in a smokeless, cool storage environment, has a mild musk smell and has no stain."
These auctions for used jock straps have been popping up on Ebay for over a decade, to serve those with fetishes, but the auction site once cracked down on the foulness. Apparently that's a bygone era - and it seems the site no longer cares so much. Times are tough. Whatever will bring in money.
Do you want to buy an undergarment item listed as having a musk smell? It's just plain nasty, the not-so-discreet code for 'it's been on my crotch'. What's equally bad are the pictures that show a full-frontal jock strap photo of a guy with no shirt, and bulging hair from all the wrong places.
The gross auction violates the auction site's Seller Guidelines for clothing: Jock Straps aren't allowed to be sold on ebay brand-new, let alone in used condition. It's a little something called health concerns or sanitary reasons.
View the "NEWfoster Brother vintage Athletic Supporter Jock strap" auction
now, to be creeped out:
Item Description
"Vintage Foster Brothers jockstrap from the 40s/50s.
Jock is a men's medium, retains all elasticity, and is in excellent condition.
The original box was from a bulk purchase and contains no artwork.
Jock has been kept in a smokeless, cool storage environment, has a mild musk smell and has no stains.
May have been issued to the military on tag it says US and a date looks like 1940."
And surely smells worse than 1940.
Ebay: it's no longer an auction site - it's an entertainment site.

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