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7 Eleven Introduces Game Day Beers on the Cheap

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by copythat

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7-Eleven launches Game Day, it’s own brand of beer designed to keep the economy bright and light--penny-pinching sports fans, or those who like to keep a few extra pennies for after-beer snacks--can celebrate at less than 75 cents per brew. Game Day "Light" and Game Day "Ice" brands by 7-Eleven are designed to compete directly with the Budweisers, Millers and Coors of the world. After Game Day "Light" and Game Day "Ice" debut in New York in just weeks, the 7-Eleven brewskies will be available to all sports fans alike—at only $8.99/12-pack or $1.49 for an individual 24-ounce can. That’s right, buy ‘em one at a time and it averages out to less than 75 cents per beer. Not bad, sports fans! The 7-Eleven lager is slated to be sold all over the place, so consumers won’t have to go far to find it: 4,200 stores in 17 states will proudly carry Game Day "Light" and "Ice". The brew’s already available in both Oregon and Washington State—they've got a jump start. There must be a lot of serious beer drinking going on there. "I'm a big fan of 7-Eleven and I like buying in bulk," said Nathan Vernon, 26, of Harlem. Apparently Vernon can consider 7-Eleven the “Costco of Beer”. Says Vernon, "I can see myself inviting some friends over and passing around the Game Day beer and playing Wii." That may not be exactly the sport 7-Eleven was thinking of in its new brand creation-but, hey, whatever works.

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