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Disney Resorts Employee Busted in Tourist Credit Card Scam

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by hearit

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In The News

Former Walt Disney resorts employee Ana Rosa admits that she used various credit card skimming devices to steal bank or credit card numbers from traveling tourists—all while she worked for Disney in the role of receptionist for Disney's Saratoga Springs and Old Key West resorts.

The former Walt Disney employee’s accused of using 15 different credit card skimming devices during her employ with the Disney resorts—using skimming machines to steal credit card holder information from at least 173 people during just a four month period as a resort employee. Prosecutors say the Disney worker's actions cost $83,000 in fraudulent bank or credit card charge—an average of over $20,000 per month cost to issuing banks or card holders.

Some thieves are just plain stupider than others: for about two grand, the previous Disney employee got herself a jail stint. The former Walt Disney employee, Rosa, who claims she never made purchases with the stolen bank or credit card information obtained through the skimming scam—says she provided the skimmed and stolen card numbers to an unnamed man who paid the Disney employee $500 per month in exchange for the stolen credit card information and numbers. Prior crooks have made far more. In a West Coast credit card skimming scam involving restaurants, cardholder’s stolen information was sold at $200 per stolen account number. The Walt Disney resorts employee was averaging over 40 stolen credit card accounts per month—based on previous crooks, she should have been averaging over $8,000 per month in the credit card scam but was only pulling in one-sixteenth that amount at the flat rate provided by the skimming ringleader.

The previous Disney employee agreed to a plea bargain in the credit card skimming fraud--landing her two years in jail over just two grand. Prosecutors cut the Disney employee a plea deal for her guilty plea--in efforts to put a credit card skimming ringleader behind bars soon.


Key West, FL
United States
24° 33' 20.5308" N, 81° 46' 57.3276" W
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