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She Loves Him Not Taco Bell Employee Still Declines Dating After Handcuffs

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by copythat

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If at first you don't succeed, don't try again--instead handcuff a woman to you, because it's bound to make her more interested. A Georgia Taco Bell employee decided to be more forward about his interest in a female co-worker -- handcuffing himself to another employee who'd been rejecting him for over a month. Surprise, surprise: The woman had no more interest in dating after being handcuffed than before she was restrained. But she may be interested in a restraining order.

Taco Bell's Jason Dean apparently (really) wanted to date co-worker 'Rebecca'. Things weren't going so well for Dean. The18-year-old woman reportedly switched out or deliberately altered her work schedule to avoid overlapping shifts. In other words, it was that bad.

It wasn't a case of puppy love. Jason Dean is roughly six years older than his co-worker -- and she's not interested, quite possibly for good reason. But the desperate guy apparently decided he was not taking 'no' for an answer.

Fortunately for Taco Bell, the guy skipped the handcuffs inside the restaurant or during work hours. Unfortunately for the woman, she still got stuck at work: While the young woman was trying to get into her car, Jason Dean allegedly handcuffed himself to the fast food chain employee's wrist. Apparently the Taco Bell man finally let 'Rebecca' go after co-workers arrived on scene due to one frightened employee's cries for assistance.

After departing -- or making a getaway -- in a green Nissan, the Taco Bell man was arrested two days later by Dalton State College campus police.

P.S.: Handcuffs kind of equal 'false imprisonment' -- and a $2,500 bond.


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United States
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