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At Starbucks Paying For A Venti Really Gets You A Grande

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by venusrising

venusrising's picture
In My Life

I want my venti latte or large tea drink to taste like a large. Have you ever noticed when you order a large size latte or holiday drink from Starbucks or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (among other places) they taste so much weaker than a medium? You pay your $3.75- $4.25 and expect a great tasting Latte or Holiday Drink. My two recent experiences were with Starbucks Gingerbread Latte and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Winter Dream Tea Latte.
I ordered a large for a change only to find they tasted more like milk than anything else. In both cases I inquired about the number of shots of espresso at Starbuck’s and the the amount of Tea at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I was informed in each instance that they use the same amount of espresso and tea in a large as they do a medium. How did I rectify the lousy taste? At Starbuck’s I paid for an extra shot of espresso. At the Coffee Bean I had them remake it with double tea. What the hell? Why would I pay extra for a large size only to get more milk and then, I again have to pay more for extra tea or espresso to make the ratio of ingredients to be more in line with a medium size? This is like paying twice for something and it seem ridiculous.
I am normally a diehard Peet’s coffee fan because their coffee is rich and full flavored. If I buy it for the home it tastes awesome, if I go into a Peet’s for a large iced latte I don’t have to pay for more shots for it to taste great. They make a large taste like a large not a large taste like a milk laden version of a medium like Starbuck’s and The Coffee Bean and Tea leaf do.
Do you think the only difference in a size medium shirt and a large shirt is longer sleeves?
When I order a large I want it to taste like a large and I don’t want to pay extra to make it right.
Both of these drinks are really delicious when doctored up correctly but I just wonder, why pay for a large when all you are really paying for is milk. This just seem nuts to me.

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