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X Ray Video Shows Bassett Hounds Eat Rusty Nails and Dog Tags

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by hearit

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A Colorado Springs Bassett Hound, "Sophie" is recovering after eating 31 rusty roofing nails, her rabies dog tags and siding from her residence. The dog's required surgery--to remove the rusty "collection"--cost about $3500--roughly $100 per swallowed item. Carla Borck says on October 17, her 1-year-old Basset Hound "Sophie" was throwing up and ill.
"She ["Sophie"] wouldn't lie down and that's pretty out of character for her." "They [the emergency vet's office] thought it was an upset stomach but they said, 'Lets do some X-rays for giggles.' When the X-rays came out it wasn't giggles. There were nails and other objects in her stomach," says "Sophie's" owner. One of the nails had moved into the dog's intestines.
No wonder the dog wouldn't sit down.
"The nails were old, rusted, sharp, jagged and rough and didn't look like it would feel very good to have them go down your throat," Borck says. Probably less pleasant still, to have the nails go anywhere else. Emergency vet surgery resulted in removal of 31 old roofing nails, siding from the house--and even the dog's own rabies tag, still intact and readable--that the Hound had swallowed herself.
But "Sophie's" actually been outdone when i comes to records: a year ago in late 2009, a Bassett Hound polished off 130 rusty nails--topping "Sophie's" record by four times. A two-year-old Bassett Hound in Jacksonville, Florida, required an hour-long surgery to remove the 130 nails that the dog had ingested. That Florida state Bassett Hound, seen on attached video, was lucky that none of the rusty nails punctured any of her organs.
What is it with female Bassett Hounds?

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