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Missing Dog Found in Burned Building One Month After Boston Fire

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by hearit

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Misplaced pets are said to travel miles in order to find owners, and their way home: a long-haired dachshund has been found back at its Boston home, where a fire had ravaged the East coast apartment about a one month ago. Only by a fluke, the one-year old dog was found living in the wreckage.

The dog's owner, Terisa Acevedo, had moved in with relatives and returned to the burned-out property only because the landlord had asked her to turn off a car alarm for a parked vehicle. While near the driveway, Acevedo heard scratching from the front door area. After yanking off the plywood that had been tacked over the doorframe, she discovered her missing dachshund, named "Lola," on the other side.

The owner says "Lola" jumped into her arms, a feat for a dog that had somehow found just enough nourishment and water to survive. The dog is expected to recover but has to have a reintroduction of food after being malnourished -- currently eating roughly the weight of three nickels worth of wet food four times per day.

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