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Geese Surf Waves Like California Surfers at Popular Colorado Kayak Run

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by hearit

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Waves at a popular kayak run in Colorado turn to some sweet swells for a misplaced flock of geese. A videographer, trying to catch some footage of kayakers, instead got a host of feathered friends on-scene: A flock of over 1,000 geese settled in to the water -- to ride and surf those pumping waves.

The kayak run's in Glenwood Whitewater Park near Glenwood Springs. Not a bad dip for the heat of summer.

A flock of geese ride the waves at Macinaw, Michigan, but those wave-riding fowl were more adept at soft swells.

The Colorado flock proved themselves more adept with a fast break -- and skills on par with So Cal surfers.


Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
United States
39° 33' 1.9368" N, 107° 19' 29.1936" W
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