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Diver Teaches Dachshund Dog to Scuba Dive Video

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by hearit

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Boniface the dachshund is learning to scuba dive from his professional scuba diving dad—video includes the dog’s example dive, miniature wetsuit and all.

Owner Sergei Gorbunov--a professional diver in the Pacific Coast city of Vladivostok--had a dachshund-sized diving suit complete with helmet made for the dog—to teach the dog new tricks of the scuba trade.

The professional diver has equipped his dachshund, Boniface, with a dachshund-sized wetsuit and miniature custom helmet--to allow the dog to breathe underwater. While Gorbunov tries to convince his pet that diving is really a great idea, the whines from the dog ( heard on the video footage and surfacing all the way from under water, the dog may not believe the scuba diving adventure is quite as good of an idea as his owner believes.

"Underwater, I don't think he experiences any stress," claims Gorbunov. The dog’s owner also claims that the dog is calmed by being able to see his owner underwater—apparently those whines equal calmness.

Boniface barks excitedly as owner Gorbunov readies the scuba diving equipment—and good-naturedly ensures being hung upside-down, with even a few extra vertical shakes to actually get the dog into the wetsuit.

At least he’s got a wetsuit for those Russian waters.


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