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7 Year Old Boy Home Alone Reports Missing Dog Cops Find 19 Snakes

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by hearit

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"Home Alone" may have been made famous by Macaulay Culkin but the scenario's been'recreated in Suffolk, Virginia--with a bit of a twist. A 7-year-old phones police to report a missing dog. A house visit may prove how the pup went missing. There's 19 snakes at the house with no parents.

28-year-old Emmanuel Valazquez's accused of leaving his young son home alone. That 7-year-old phoned police in Virginia, to alert cops of something missing -- like the family dog. When police arrived, cops may have inadvertently discovered the reason for a missing canine: Along with two pit bulls and a couple of bearded dragons, police found one other type of animal -- 19 snakes including a 14-foot python, that may have just gotten fatter.

Cops also found feeder mice at the home. But perhaps a snake or two may have become a bit hungrier than 'feeder' mice being on the menu of snacks. While it's legal for the homeowner to house the animals, it's not legal to leave young kids unattended at the 'farm'. The 7-year-old's younger brother, age 5, was recently discovered walking the nearby neighborhood streets. But at least he's been found and, fortunately for him, a bit harder to swallow than a dog.


Suffolk, VA
United States
36° 43' 41.538" N, 76° 35' 0.8232" W
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