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No Love Boyfriend Attacks in Complaints He Writes No Songs About Girlfriend

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Apparently it's a very bad thing to complain about lack of love from an artist: When a Pennsylvania woman complains to her songwriter boyfriend -- about the fact he'd never written a song about her -- it didn't result in a new love song. The boyfriend instead choked his girlfriend before hitting her in the face. It seems the main problem point of dispute may be those songs he's written about other women.

Ambridge cops say 29-year-old, singer-songwriter Jason Banks attacked his girlfriend June 30 after her complaints and pointing out that his songs had included other women as their focal point.

Now he's got a new aspect of life to write about, but it ain't gonna be love: Banks is due back in Pennsylvania court, July 25, over the violence.


Ambridge , PA
United States
40° 35' 21.2424" N, 80° 13' 30.216" W
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