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Spend $400 in Fees with Continental Finance Credit Card

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by hearit

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Vying for title of worst: Continental Finance MasterCard. After all fees are collected, account holders get a credit limit of about a whopping fifty bucks to blow.
* Continental Finance MasterCard Account setup fee: $99
* Program participation fee: $89
* Continental Finance MasterCard Annual fee: $49
* Account maintenance fee: $120 (charged @ $10/month)
* Purchase APR: 19.92%
* Authorized user fee: $30 (so you can each blow about $25 apiece)
* Credit limit increase fee: $25
* Internet Payment Fee: $4 for each authorized internet payment-or mail in your payment so you have no proof the payment was ever received.
After fees, there's about $53 credit remaining to use as you see fit. Choose to use the Continental Finance MasterCard card to, quote, "repair" your credit history and you could end up in a worse spot: Canceling the credit card account shortens your credit history, to actually lower your credit score.
Don't rush to apply: apparently demand must be so huge that Continental, owned by First Bank of Delaware, now states the card issuer is "currently not accepting any new applications at this time".

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