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LA Doubles Red Light Cameras Tickets Right Turns

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by copythat

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In just two years, Los Angeles doubles Red Light Cameras Tickets revenue, now using illegal right hand turns to double fines for LA Drivers. The money rolls, from $200,000 to $400,000 via LAPD. The LAPD's city ticket boost is derived from Los Angeles drivers' habits of 'California Stops' and how they 'collide' with red lights. Not all drivers are stopping completely at red lights and, to fix the problem (which isn't so much of a problem for Los Angeles City ticket revenue), Los Angeles has doubled the citation amount for the 'rolling' righthand turn violations. The 'California Stop" & Roll is rolling into big money for Los Angeles ticket revenue. LA Times says doubled fines for such rolling right turns is based on a "legal recommendation from the city attorney." Those doubled tickets fines, considered moving violations, are going to be affecting thousands of LA drivers who violate rolling right turns against red lights. Los Angeles Police Department provided estimates to The LA Times newspaper in 2009 with results that about eight in 10 photo tickets (yep, 80%) were issued for right turns. Experts say those rolling, right turns are less likely to result in serious car or vehicle accidents. The new Los Angeles city doubling of fines, for the (rolling) right hand turn violation is wack. Most California cities consider and treat right-turn infractions in the same way, and with the same fines, as running straight through red lights. Before the recent doubling in ticket fines for the violation, LAPD issued rolling right-turn tickets under a vehicle code section that held a far lower fine for the driving violation. Maybe Los Angeles is taking its cue to up potential 'money, money, money, money!' Now Los Angeles brings righthand ticket fines in line with other California state cities, upping right-turn ticket fines from $156 to $381. LA's cut on each driving ticket means the city is now getting about $150, up from $58. Supposedly City Councilman Dennis Zine (bearing in mind he's also a former LAPD traffic officer) " is exploring ways to lower the fines," says the Times.


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P.O. Box 30968
Los Angeles, CA 90030-0968
United States
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