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Florida Police Use Taser Stun Gun on Naked Jogger Running

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by copythis

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In The News

A naked jogger was taking a run streetside, in West Melbourne, Florida, when police apparently deemed the man as dangerous enough to warrant an immediate cease to the runner's behavior: a Taser. It must've been the swim goggles that deemed it necessary to use a stun gun--it certainly couldn't have been police suspicion related to the man hiding a weapon. Police in a patrol car followed the runner, 18-year-old Anthony King--ordering him, police say, to stop running. Since he was already running--not running from police--apparently the command was not understood. King, police claim, "refused". In reality, King was wearing swim goggles on his head, probably not in a clear mental state, was not posing a threat to anyone, and clearly didn't understand the order that interrupted what he apparently considered normal behavior. The obvious thing to do, at least according to police, was to immediately use a Taser gun to stop the jogger once he was within reach. A police officer chased the naked running man on foot--when able to physically reach the jogger, the officer used a Taser stun gun to stop the naked man. Of course what would seem more obvious, to the public at least, is the question as to what dangerous threat a naked jogger posed, which would possibly warrant Taser use. The additional question: why, if the naked runner was within arm's reach, police didn't simply tackle the man or use some other, less violent or life-threatening method. Taser use by police and law enforcement is known to cause heart attacks and death--a threat to life only increased by drug, and prescription drug, use by the Taser victim. The naked factor, coupled with swim goggles, would have been a clear indicator to police--or humans utilizing intelligence--that prescription drug use, in treatment of any possible mental illness, might be a real factor involved with the 'suspect' they were pursuing. The stun gun literally floored the man--the Taser dropping the naked jogger to the sidewalk, the man then delivered to a local hospital. During transport to the hospital, the jogger--police claim-- told them he possessed super powers, and the naked man apologized for putting police though so much trouble. Apparently the naked jogger didn't possess enough super powers to avoid police intent on using a Taser. And perhaps that apology should've been happening in reverse. Now the naked jogger is looking at charges of indecent exposure and resisting arrest without violence--surely reason enough to warrant police to utilize a violent method in stopping him. It seems West Melbourne, Florida, police must have been chatting with Yelm, Washington, sheriffs: earlier this year, Yelm sheriffs tasered a naked man on a front lawn--half of a couple whom had apparently been having sex on a lawn, in the dark.

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