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Citizen Takes Over Police Department Web Site to Fight Speeding Tickets

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by copythat

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In The News

A Tennessee police department allowed rights to its online department website to expire, the domain snatched up by a new owner—a citizen who uses the web site to gripe about police traffic cameras that issue speeding tickets.
Computer network designer Brian McCrary found that the Bluff City Police Department web site, for a local police department in state of Tennessee, was up for (domain) "grabs", so citizen McCrary paid domain provider Go Daddy to register the Bluff City police department website in his name, so he's now got rights to the site at
McCrary says he received a $90 speeding ticket citation from the Bluff City (Tennessee) Police Department earlier this year--he took over the (now-former) police department web site on May 22.
Guess that short-circuits going to Court to fight a speeding ticket, and probably feels better.

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