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van der Sloot Attorney Calls Peru Murder Eerie Coincidence

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by hearit

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In The News

In rare CNN video footage mainly in Europe, Joran van der Sloot's Attorney, Rosemarie Arnold, calls the new Flores Ramirez murder case a "very eerie coincidence, if you want to call it that." One woman disappeared May 30-the other murdered May 30. Yeah, eerie it is-especially considering that the last female who went missing while with van der Sloot disappeared on the exact date of the new murder-May 30.
Maybe van der Sloot's attorney just should have left it at "eerie"-since it certainly doesn't appear to be "coincidence". The CNN Reporter, Rosemary Church, questions van der Sloot's attorney about her use of the word "coincidence", considering that van der Sloot was the last person seen with Flores Ramirez, that the two were seen going into the hotel together, but only he was seen-alone-leaving the hotel four hours later. The hotel room, Room 306, was also registered in Joran van der Sloot's name. Joran additionally left the country by vehicle, crossing at the border from Peru to Chile (all before the murdered body was found) and when he had entered the Peruvian country by a different form of transit, airplane.
Taxi cab drivers reported taking van der Sloot to the Chilean border, prior to his exit from Peru; exactly how many people leave a country by taxi, to cross the border, when entering by plane?
Rosemarie Arnold, van der Sloot's new attorney following murder of Stephany Flores Ramirez and his subsequent police detainment, is also creating a huge issue surrounding the murdered woman not being found until Wednesday, following estimated time of death of Flores Ramirez on Sunday-several days prior. Hotel employees claim they were asked not to enter the room for cleaning, that van der Sloot himself made the request to the staff.
Van der Sloot's Attorney's insinuation seems to lean toward the idea that there is some idea of a set-up by Peruvian officials or another party, with repeated reference to the body not being discovered for several days; the idea seems to insinuate that the body was planted, or placed in van der Sloot's registered room in order to blame him for the murder. Based on the attorney's repeated reference to duration of time before hotel staff discovered the body, it would seem Arnold is unfamiliar with travel in third-world countries and hotel stays: travelers would be lucky to have their room cleaned so frequently by hotel staff.
A probable reality: hotel room service maybe didn't bother entering van der Sloot's previous hotel room until the hotel needed it for the next guest. Van der Sloot additonally had been staying at the hotel for over two weeks before his departure-he surely would have had time to both become familiar with hotel staff and employees, to realize which employee(s) would probably honor his request not to enter the room immediately, and to observe any laziness or lack of attendance/frequency in cleaning.

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