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Lion Statues Stolen Before Thanksgiving Newport Beach California

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by underthesea

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In The News

It doesn't get much worse than stealing statues. The economy is tough--but lions? Four outside lions have been stolen from a Cliff Drive area home in Newport Beach, California. Each lion statue measures approximately 6 feet by 3 feet in width--the combined weight hundreds of pounds and requiring at least two men to steal the statues. The lion statues were stolen before daylight November 16.

If you see a round of lions suddenly appear before the Thanksgiving holiday, please call Newport Beach Police at its crime tipline 800-550-NBPD


Newport Beach Police Department
870 Santa Barbara Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660
United States
Phone: 800-550-6273
33° 37' 23.9448" N, 117° 52' 49.404" W
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