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Karma Comes Full Circle Bites Boise Wallet Thief in the Ass

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by hearit

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In the belief that what goes around comes around, a wallet thief seems to have been met head-on by full circle karma. A Boise thief steals a wallet, dumps a wallet, then loses a wallet -- his own.

It all started when a man is alleged to have stolen the wallet of a potential future boss. The wallet disappeared from an office desk -- probably small damages compared to what could've been, with any employment. The stolen wallet was reported to Boise, Idaho police but the bizarre factor was upped significantly: shortly after, the suspected thief got caught after also contacting the police department -- to report his own missing wallet.

Police believe that the original, stolen, wallet had been ditched -- all except for one stolen credit card from that wallet. The alleged thief used the stolen credit card to buy tobacco at two separate stores. After using the stolen credit card at the second retail locale, the thief ironically lost his own wallet.

With the thief choosing to contact Boise police about his own missing wallet, police linked the physical description to the guy they'd been looking for in the other case.

The guy who had his wallet stolen got everything back -- police recovered the used credit card and stolen wallet. The alleged thief -- 25-year-old Daniel Damico -- didn't fare so well: in addition to getting caught, no one has turned in his lost wallet.

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