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How Bout a Sexual Predator in a Horse and Buggy with a Side of Cell

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by hearit

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Sexual predators unfortunately aren't unusual--but a guy showing up in a horse and buggy, to meet a young girl, ranks more on the bizarre tip. A Milroy, Indiana, man showed up at an undercover sting in a horse-drawn buggy to solicit a girl he'd been talking to via text. And, yeah, apparently cell phones aren't considered "technology".

Predators are the furthest thing from funny. A horse and buggy, however, is -- in a scene that provided humor to even undercover officers.

Amish man Willard Yoder, age 21, is accused of sending no less than 600 texts, nude photos and videos to the girl to he told he wanted to have sex with. When that pre-teen's mother found the texts, an irate phone call went straight to police who set up an undercover sting.

How it started may stray a bit from the norm: It turns out the sexting messages began when the Amish man sent out a random text to an unknown number -- and got a response. The odd way to start a conversation, local police say, is no longer unheard-of. It's unclear whether or not the man specifically knew the girl's age.

The guy was arrested after arriving in his horse-drawn buggy -- charged with four counts of soliciting a minor. But the scene caught Connersville police kind of off-guard: "We set up in our positions, and we heard the vehicle coming down the roadway," says Detective Craig Pennington. "We thought, 'Well, this is obviously going to be it.'"

For anyone wondering about the technology tie-in with the Amish, it appears certain regions are upgrading a bit: Milroy residents are now used to seeing local Amish people with cell phones.


Milroy, IN 46156
United States
39° 29' 49.1748" N, 85° 28' 10.8912" W
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