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Crime Takes a Bite Out of Dog as Police Officer Dog Bitten by Suspect

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by copythis

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In The News

A Connecticut man puts a new spin on “dog bite”—instead of taking a "bite out of crime", a police officer has his own K-9 chomped, the dog bitten by a suspect alleged to be looking for drugs.

So, the story goes—a West Haven, Connecticut police officer is on patrol with his K-9 buddy, Onyx, near a Rite Aid store when he sees a man walking toward him. The man, as it turns out, is named Roderick Lewis, and yells, "I need a bag of dust," otherwise known as the drug “angel dust” or “PCP”.

Following his ‘needs’ being expressed, the 23-year-old Lewis continues to walk toward the police officer and reaches into his waistband simultaneously. The officer grabs Lewis's arms—instructing the man to stop, but then Lewis allegedly punches the policeman in the face. Then things turn weird.

The police dog jumps from the officer’s cruiser and attacks the suspect’s leg.

Lewis responds by “fighting fire with fire”--biting the K-9 dog's in the side and refusing to stop the “chomps” until the officer pulls him off the dog.

Unfortunately for Lewis, police departments aren’t usually short on charges: landing a “cruelty to animals” charge on top of “assault on a police officer” and “disorderly conduct” charges. Maybe Lewis found that "dust": the smirk seems to say it all.


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