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Bank Vault Robbers Haul Half a Million but Forget to Pick Up Their Pee

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by hearit

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Denmark robbers succeeded in a take of over half a million, and may not have left one fingerprint behind, but still forgot a most valuable asset – the bottles they used to store pee over three days' time.

Things initially went according to plan in the Copenhagen bank vault where two male robbers holed up, physically inside of a bank for three days – where they ripped off contents from 140 safety deposit boxes. The stolen loot included cash and jewelry from the bank, including private property, worth more than $500,000.00.

Sneaking in on a Friday, the men stayed until the following Monday when the bank reopened. The robbery seemed successful – except that the 27-year-old Swedish man and his accomplice forgot a most vital link back to them: their pee. Over their 3-day stay in the bank's vault, the men used several bottles to relieve themselves but kind of forgot to pick up the pee -- leaving three bottles of it behind.

Apparently they were courteous enough not to share, which in turn allowed prosecutors to gather individual DNA.

Those bottles of urine proved more valuable than anything else – at least in terms of one man’s freedom: DNA samples from the urine gained the 27-year-old involved a 21-month prison term. His sidekick is still at large, as is the half a million in stolen goods.

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