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Burglary Suspect Literally Eats Back Seat of Police Cruiser Car

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by hearit

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In The News

An accused Florida burglar wasn’t going down without a fight – or at least a bite -- literally eating the back seat of police car cruiser, right down to the stuffing.

A deputy from Pasco County Sheriff's Office, who was transporting a reported burglar to the Land O' Lakes Jail, munched on the patrol car's seat.

One bite at a time, 18-year-old Jesse Ray Stewart managed to tear through the vinyl interior of a 2006 Chevrolet Impala police cruiser using only his teeth. While most cities typically charge righteously for damage to property, amazingly police are only claiming three hundred bucks on this one.

The situation began with the accused burglar banging his head on the police cruiser’s window, located between the patrol car’s front and back seats. The deputy pulled over to call for ‘back-up’, but apparently wasn’t looking backward – while the officer was distracted, backseat munching began.

Police accuse their suspect of breaking into several cars, and of imbibing in more than a bit of alcohol prior to his arrest. "He was slurring his speech and had difficulty with his balance," police claim. The written report: "The suspect was yelling, drooling and being uncooperative." Perhaps the lack of yelling should’ve served as a tip-off to officers: the 18-year-old ate out part of the cruiser’s seats while no one was looking, chomping his way right down to the stuffing.

In searching their suspect’s shorts pocket deputies found a number of items including a key ring with a key, a pocket knife, and a whopping 42 cents in change. The lead to police – that their suspect may have been involved in some extra-curricular activity -- was a pink cellular phone found on his person. Law enforcement apparently found the pink phone a bit fishy, and that “detective work” proved true. Police later confirmed that the bubblegum-colored mobile phone had been stolen from a neighborhood vehicle.

Bail $10,300. It would've been ten thousand without the three hundred dollar meal. Maybe strangest yet: the complete lack of shirt -- of any type -- lacking in the police mug shot.


New Port Richey, FL
United States
28° 14' 39.0372" N, 82° 43' 9.3612" W
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