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Prisons Use Benadryl as Sleep Aid to Knock Out Prisoners Choose Sheep

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by wombat

wombat's picture
In My Life

According to an unnamed source, the allergy medication of Benadryl is commonly used in prisons as a sleeping aid for inmates. The antihistamine product for allergies and colds seems to have double-duty for prison inmates who receive the distributed meds. I don't know about you, but I can't even take the medication -- since one dosage is technically two tablets, and taking just one pill leaves me in a state of feeling like nearly crawling to bed is a necessity. The effects are that I haven't slept in months.
The med's benefits are clear, if you happen to be incarcerated and need some deep sleep, Benadryl's your man. But in some correctional facilities -- and considering those nearby prison inmates -- it could send shudders down the spine to consider what may occur. In those circumstances, maybe counting sheep is the best bet during a prison stint.

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