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Schick Quattro Razors are for Masochists Leaving Major Cuts and Burns

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by copythat

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In My Life

Schick Quattro Razors, the piece of hand-held (for lack of a better word) machinery that will tear your flesh to pieces. Forget nicks, scratches, or tiny cuts. I had all those last week and after owning the Schick for only a week by that point. My most recent bout with the Quattro and its supposedly smooth blades has resulted in a 3-inch slash and burn. For any man that uses this razor on his face, don't plan on it unless you plan future facial surgery to fix the potential damage. I'm now on blade four after being on just day 14. The Quattros shave once before being destined for the trash can. The blades are expensive. Expense usually equals at least one good sign, like quality. At least decent quality. Or at least the most mediocre quality that at least isn't tearing the flesh from your skin and leaving you with permanent scarring for future partners to wonder whether you've been consistently abused in a previous relationship. In two weeks I have more nicks, scars and holes than I've had during the past 25 years of shaving combined. This razor shouldn't exist. On the first shave expect to have stacked clumps of hair that can't be removed from the blade. Don't expect that hair to be have to be dense or a 3-day beard. It will happen with even finer stubble. After two shavings, the strip doesn't just break down but actually comes off altogether. That would be in one piece. You'll find the blue block in the bottom of your shower while the blade itself is taunting you, knowing you're not going to go much further without the one piece that at least made the road rash somewhat bearable.

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