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Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons Illegal Immigrant Nanny Scandal Video

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by copythat

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Six scandals weren't enough: Congressman Jim Gibbons runs for Governor of Nevada amidst allegations of an illegal immigrant nanny-despite Gibbons' supposed tough stance on illegal immigration and 'close the border' talk.
Congressman Jim Gibbons wants to be governor of Nevada, but he keeps doing weird things like getting drunk with a cocktail waitress, who is not his wife, and allegedly assaulting the Vegas woman. The newest Gibbons scandal is an old scandal, just uncovered in light of his current speeches. Gibbons has displayed a tough stance on Illegal Immigrants, with “Close the Border” preaching, yet it seems the same Gibbons apparently employed an illegal Latina nanny for years.
As Gibbons was campaigning for governor of Nevada in October 2006, it was revealed that ten years earlier, he and his wife Dawn had employed Patricia Pastor Sandoval, a then-illegal immigrant from Peru. Immigrant nanny Pastor Sandoval was employed as a housekeeper and babysitter. Gibbons' wife, Dawn, who had became a member of the Nevada Assembly in 1998, denied the allegations of employing an illegal alien in 2006, claiming that the illegal immigrant nanny had merely been a friend (from Peru) who had helped out around the house and was given clothing and household goods, but was not an employee.
An employment contract between Dawn Gibbons and Particia Pastor Sandoval, however, asserted that the illegal alien was employed by the Gibbons', clearly laying out terms and conditions of Sandoval's hiring and employment within the Gibbons household. Legal documents filed during Sandoval's 1988 application for United States working papers additionally contradicted earlier statements by Dawn Gibbons, that the Gibbons family had not known the woman was in the United States illegally.
The Gibbons' immigrant nanny stated that she was employed from roughly 1987 to 1993, four years before Jim Gibbons left for Washington in 1997 after his 1996 election as a Congressman and five years before Dawn Gibbons became a Nevada state legislator. The topper: the Gibbons' immigrant nanny stated that she was asked to hide in the family's basement and refrain from answering doors at certain times, to ensure that her illegal immigrant status did not become public knowledge or jeopardize Jim Gibbons' political career. In 1995, Dawn Gibbons filed a police complaint against Sandoval, alleging that she was attempting to extort money by threatening to go to the media with a story involving her illegal employment by the Gibbons household, but it seems the Gibbons' chose not to pursue the 'issue' further.
In response to the 2006 reveal of the immigrant nanny, Jim Gibbons' campaign issued a statement accusing Democratic candidate Dina Titus and claiming the controversy was fomented to distract from the real issues of the race. Gibbons, however, did not issue a denial of nanny Sandoval's claims. The Jim Gibbons political nightmare has been all but totally ignored in Northern Nevada by the press and media, or at least the Republican-leaning District 2 that includes the whole state beyond Vegas/Clark County.
Jim Gibbons is based in the Reno suburb of Sparks; it took a week for the newspaper there to even mention the Gibbons Vegas Scandal. A phone call from Congressman Jim was obviously enough to keep the story buried in the northern area, where the electorate tilts just right enough for Gibbons to escape with a very slim victory in the region. The cocktail waitress herself is supposed to give a press conference later today.
In April, Governor Jim Gibbons, who is facing a daunting primary challenge this June, was named one of the worst governors in America, according to the group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), with at least six scandals that have unfolded throughout Gibbons’ tenure in office and also dating back to his time in Congress.
The latest illegal immigrant nanny scandal, for Gibbons, marks number seven.
Among the previous six charges against Governor Gibbons: that Gibbons allegedly assaulted cocktail waitress Chrissy Mazzeo when he was a candidate for governor, and that he misused state resources in pursuit of an extra-marital affair with Kathy Karrasch, a woman Gibbons has described only as a friend. In assessing governors from all 50 states, CREW said it based its findings on the following criteria: corruption, transparency, partisan politics, pressuring public officials, cronyism, self-enrichment and scandal.
Republican governors Bobby Jindal and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger were also on the list of worst governors, along with democratic governors David Paterson and Bill Richardson.

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