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California Dream Act Is Another Example Of Stupid Politics

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by venusrising

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In The News

Can California really afford to fund college educations for non-citizens with the The Dream Act when funding cuts for residents students are rampant?

Why is California so sold on the idea of entitlements and saving the world? We have a severe budget crisis and yet governor Jerry Brown has decided to sign in the California Dream Act. The Dream Act would make it possible for illegal aliens to receive Cal Grants as well as fee waivers for college tuition. If you are not familiar with Cal Grants, they do run out and they are awarded on a first come first serve basis until nothing is left. This means that US Citizens may not be awarded a grant while their illegal counterparts are. This is just fundamentally wrong and crazy.

We have US Military families fighting for our nations freedoms and if they get relocated from state to state they must pay higher non-resident fees for their children. If this does not seem like a nutty double standard then I don't know what does.

Furthermore, you cannot get a job in this country unless you are a US citizen so college degree or not, unless a company sponsors you, you still cannot get employment without the legal right to work. I wonder how many more people may be enticed to jump the border in hopes of a free education.

Excerpt from
California and Bust by Michael Lewis
Vanity Fair Nov 2011

“California and Bust,” in the November issue of Vanity Fair, takes a sobering look at the U.S., state and local economies, with a harsh spotlight on California. Here’s what it says about funding for higher education:

"The same fiscal year that the state spent $6 billion on prisons, it had invested just $4.7 billion in its higher education — that is, 33 campuses with 670,000 students. Over the past 30 years the state’s share of the budget for the University of California has fallen from 30 percent to 11 percent, and it is about to fall a lot more. In 1980 a Cal student paid $776 a year in tuition; in 2011 he pays $13,218. Everywhere you turn, the long-term future of the state is being sacrificed."

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