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Transylvania High School Moves Students for Test to Gives Bats Beauty Rest

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by copythat

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A stray mouse found in a United States classroom would be lucky not to find itself on a glue tray, for an unanticipated and early demise. But in the land of "Dracula," bats apparently get some precedence. Only in Transylvania do the bats become respected enough for students to move classrooms for a test--to give a flock of bats some peace and quiet, and much-needed beauty rest.
Dozens of bats visited a Transylvania classroom for a flap through the educational facility. High school students at Csiky Gergely in western Romania had prepared for a test when dozens of bats kind of interrupted the exam schedule. Students in the city of Arad found themselves joined by bats, thought to be sleeping when discovered -- with wings laid out wide on the classroom's floor. Unlike other countries, the Transylvania school arranged its schedule around the resting animals that flew in during the night through open windows. School officials decided against disturbing the resting bats -- instead moving students to another class for the test.


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