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Step 3: Rating those wacks

Can I rate my own wack?

Rate every wack you read. Every wack Rating counts, and the Wacktrap community is countin’ on you. Those ‘5-mallet’ ratings you’re givin’ determine just which wacks are destined for front page fame.
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Why should I rate a wack?

Following every wack you read, you’ll find the option to slam down some mallets-and Rate that wack. Read more

Wack Ratings: What are all those little mallets about?

Just what do those little rows of mallets mean? Those mallets are the basis of the Wacktrap Rating system-and even though they’re small, they mean big, big things. That small row of mallets will appear below every wack experience you read. And you’ll find it’s one of the most important parts of the Wacktrap site. The darkened amount of mallets you're seein' is that wack's current rating. But you haven't given your input yet. Just as sure as you'll want to read a wack, you'll want to rate it. Read more