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Get Married at McDonalds Restaurants Cut a Tower of Apple Pies

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by hearit

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McDonald’s seems to be borrowing that Burger King motto, “have it your way”: international McDonald’s fast-food locations are pushing the offer for wedding nuptials—bride and groom can now officially exchange vows, hold a wedding reception and even cut a tower of apple pies at the restaurant.

Hong Kong locations of fast-food chain McDonald’s are officially offering space for wedding ceremonies and receptions. For those questioning why someone would possibly choose McDonald’s as a possible wedding locale: the chain says interested couples have had their first dates, fallen in love and even proposed marriage at—believe it or not-- McDonald’s restaurants. In other words, the franchise chain is simply fulfilling a “need”. A McDonald’s spokesperson says that means “it makes it particularly meaningful and memorable to hold a wedding party there.”

After a couple met and then continued to date at the Admiralty, Hong Kong, branch of McDonald’s, the pair decided to wed at the location—and McDonald’s officially hosting the special occasion. Once word of the wedding ceremony spread, McDonald’s says it has become deluged with calls for other wedding ceremonies. Now the fast food chain is accepting wedding ceremony and reception bookings at three of its local restaurant locations in the region.

If you want to be married at McDonald’s, the soonest you can jump in is at the beginning of next year—much faster bookings than virtually any other wedding site, still slower than Vegas. Book with the restaurant now, to be married in January 2011.

Imagine—or simply accept—the following McDonald’s wedding ceremony inclusions: bride and groom cutting a “cake” comprised of a tower of McDonald’s apple pies, a wedding dinner straight from the McDonald’s menu, and wedding guests receiving party favors straight from the Happy Meal menu of toys. Bride and bridesmaids can even opt for McDonald’s “wedding dresses”— made entirely out of McDonald’s party balloons.

The best news—depending on whom you ask: a McDonald’s wedding only costs a few hundred American dollars.

But don’t expect it to be entirely your special day: McDonald’s isn’t kicking out the rest of its patrons just because it’s your wedding ceremony. The only three Hong Kong McDonald’s franchise locations currently offering wedding and reception services refuse to close the restaurant to other business. Bride and groom will exchange those vows—literally--while those hungry customers are busy ordering. The other downside: McDonald’s doesn’t carry a liquor license, so your celebration may have just gotten a bit less celebratory while the closest match for a champagne toast just may be Sprite.

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