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Facebook Cityville Game App for City Folk Released Time to Unfriend

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by hearit

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For those whom haven’t been properly tortured by Farmville and its Facebook players, app maker Zynga is now releasing its city version of the game. If farming isn't for you, ditch the “country bumpkin” reference with Cityville--where players can now build their own city, run restaurants and manage businesses.

"Cityville is where ‘Monopoly’ meets Main Street," claims Zynga’s general manager. “Instead of harvesting crops [like in Farmville], you're harvesting your neighborhood,” in Cityville, says Zynga. “Instead of clearing your friend's frontier, you're working on a friend's franchise.”

The similarities seems endless.

Think Cityville doesn’t sound a whole lot different than Farmville? Occasionally appearances prove very true—and it looks like Zynga is hoping to reap the rewards of a virtually identical game, this time aimed toward city folk.

Of course nothing excludes Farmville players from starting up a new game, with Cityville—and nothing stops Zynga from a whole new source of income related to purchases for the newest Cityville app.

Zynga is most recently known for its Farmville privacy issues and related controversy: the app game maker stands accused of creating one of the worst privacy breaches, allegedly harvesting Facebook ID numbers, Facebook “Friends” and other biographical data. The Farmville game maker is alleged to have sent that personal info to its own ad agencies and firms.

While Farmville users were building those farms, the app is alleged to have been “reaping” info on its Facebook game users—and even the personal information of those on the “Friends” list.

For those Facebook users who ditched many on their "Friends" list--unable to handle any more of the Farmville app's constant requests for aid in building "farms"--users may look forward to ditching a few more after the introduction of Cityville.

Jimmy Kimmel forgot to mention Farmville as a very real reason to 'unfriend'--in his "National Unfriend Day" (NUD) campaign--but Cityville may make the list for the November 17, 2011, 'holiday'.

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