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Miss USA Accused of Shoplifting Oil of Olay from Target Stores

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by copythis

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Aging is a tough concept for women—it seems the aging process goes down no less easy for even a beauty pageant winner. Police claim a former Miss USA winner stole about $60 worth of beauty and skin care products from a Texas Target retail store. Apparently those $300 anti-aging skin care products aren’t required after all—all it takes is a little Oil of Olay.

Former Miss USA beauty pageant winner, 38-year-old Shannon Marketic, has been released from jail and police custody—requiring her to post $500 bail in Denton, Texas, for the beauty pageant to regain her freedom.

Marketic is charged by Texas police with stealing an Oil of Olay brand beauty product: Oil of Olay’s “Professional Pro X” skin treatment. The Professional ProX is valued at about sixty bucks, the additional baby items the pageant winner’s accused of stealing worth roughly another thirty dollars.

The former Miss USA denies any shoplifting or theft of the Oil of Olay Professional Pro X or any other store products, telling a newspaper that the unpaid items had rolled underneath her purse in her shopping basket, without her knowledge, while shopping at Target.

Marketic won the Miss USA title in 1992. The current shoplifting accusations aren’t Marketic’s first experience with the US judicial system or courts: in 1997, the former Miss USA winner filed lawsuit against the sultan of Brunei, accusing the sultan of having held her as a sex slave. A federal judge later threw the Marketic lawsuit, against the sultan, out of court and dismissed the suit.

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