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DMV Employee Felony Arrest Drivers License Bribes

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In The News

DMV employee Jamison is arrested on Felony charges-actually 64 Felonies including: Felony Bribery or for waiving driving tests, bribes in issuing false California (CA) driver's licenses or Driver License Fraud.
California (CA) Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) made the arrest itself today, stating the 45-year-old employee, Karcius Duvel Jamison, has been arrested today by DMV Internal Affairs. Jamison is a 10-year employee at the Hawthorne Field California (CA) DMV Office, with the worker's arrest this morning shortly after arrival for work. Department of Motor Vehicles has been tracking its (now-former) employee during six months of internal investigation performed by DMV Internal Affairs.
The California state Department of Motor Vehicles worker stands accused of sixty-four (64) separate and Fraudulent DMV transactions, which DMV charges took place over a six-month time period, from June 2009 to December 2009. “The [DMV Internal Affairs] department takes the crime of Fraud very seriously, and does not hesitate in taking immediate action when we suspect there is illegal activity at one of our field offices. Mr. Jamison will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” says DMV Director George Valverde.
DMV Employee Jamison is a Motor Vehicle Field Representative (MVFR) with DMV duties involving review and approval of applications for California (CA) Driver's Licenses as well as California Identification (ID) Cards. Jamison is alleged to have been taking cash money payments in exchange for entering false or fraudulent information into the CA DMV database. The DMV worker admits to at least $200 to $300 per fraudulent transaction, while Internal Affairs' video footage and separate journals reveal Jamison's entering of false info to the DMV Database.
Jamison's alleged fraud doesn't stop there. The DMV Employee stands additionallly accused of fraudulently entering passing test scores for failing drivers (for issuance of fraudulent driver's licenses), as well as illegally waiving drive tests through use of fictitious out-of-(CA)state driver license numbers. Good to know those California drivers are, or have been, on state streets while DMV Internal Affairs was sorting out its Bribery charges-hopefully Internal Affairs will remember to yank those driver's licenses that probably weren't revoked for fear of blowing the investigation's cover.
Looks like former DMV Employee, Jamison, could be up a creek without a paddle. During only six months' time, California state has apparently tried to build quite a case against the worker, with numerous Felony charges. Jamison is being charged with California Penal Code Section 68 on 32 counts of Felony Bribery, Penal Code Section 502 (c) on 32 counts of Felony Computer Access and Fraud.
Total legal charges for prosecution against Jamison stand at 64 counts. Jamison has been booked today at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Inmate Reception Center, following DMV Internal Affairs arrest. The DMV worker faces a maximum penalty of $5,000 per count and up to four years in prison if convicted. The former DMV employee's bail has been set at $320,000.
California DMV issues press release today, about the employee arrest of Jamison, in what seems an attempt at transparency or earning the trust of
Californians in some type of due diligence.
Maybe now the DMV has an excuse or reason for all those long DMV lines: bribes. After all, it must take a few minutes for money to exchange hands and enter the fraudulent info into the DMV database. Now California can, apparently, rest assured that the Department of Motor Vehicles is working hard to fight crime.
Jamison must, of course, remain the only DMV employee allegedly involved in taking bribes and entering false information for California driver's tests and IDs, right? Or, not quite. Focusing on identity theft and at least 13 involved ring members, this makes the second time in a week that the California Department of Motor Vehicles has made the news-with similar circumstances. This bribery thing seems to be popular.
Seems employee Jamison's $200 to $300 alleged bribes were on the cheap: California DMV has been of recent fame just last week, when former Inglewood (CA) DMV employees were busted, including one California employee charged with taking $800 to illegally process a driver's license by forging written exam results on a DMV driving test. Unfortunately for that CA DMV employee, the bribe offered was by an undercover agent.
Unfortunately for CA DMV workers, they were inadvertently exposed in the crossfire, when U.S. Counter-terrorism investigators busted an alleged identity theft ring. Accused members of that ring were suspected of bribing DVM workers in Inglewood to provide fake documents. FBI, DMV and District Attorney's Office teamed up for the bust. DMV workers were allegedly providing California state driver's licenses and other documents in exchange for bribes. Whoops. Talk about wrong person, wrong time.
In the Federal identity theft bust, members of the identity theft ring were accused of getting forged birth certificates and Social Security cards for about $1,500. Surprise: three of the ringleader's contacts popped up at the California DMV's Inglewood office. Those DMV employees were (of course) fired. Since the main news was focused the identity theft ring, DMV employee involvement got a bit skipped over in the media.
During that escapade, another DMV employee was charged with involvement in illegally registering a vehicle. The third employee was accused of accessing DMV databases to help protect members of the identity theft crime ring. According to police, LAPD believes the third DMV employee erased electronic notifications normally sent to law enforcement. DMV uses the electronic notifications to alert police during traffic stops when an arrest warrant has been issued against the person being detained.
Hmmm...who knew bribes were available at the DMV. No wonder it's such a popular, hoppin' locale.


California Department Motor Vehicles (CA DMV) Public Affairs
2415 First Avenue, MS F-122
Sacramento, CA 95818
United States
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