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Toyota Dealership Service Centers Suck Ripoff

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by vicki edwards

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I love my Toyota vehicles and have purchased four of them, but Toyota dealership service centers certainly lack charm and integrity. My daughter test drove a Toyota truck at the Carlsbad Car Country Toyota dealership and they conveniently kept her driver's license when she left to return home.
On another occasion, it took the Toyota dealership 5 hours to change the oil. This was with an appointment. This was surpassed by the Huntington Beach Toyota service center on Garfield and Beach Blvd. in Huntington Beach, CA. After the 20,000 mile service and gas pedal retrofit which only took two hours (the dealership had originally stated the vehicle couldn't get it done in less than six hours), the manager informed me that they would NOT honor service center prices from other service centers as they previously had stated. Nice!
The Toyoto dealership service centers certainly have it their way--they do not care about providing customer service or customers. I still love my Toyota vehicles, but really don't care for the service centers at all; the Toyoto dealerships cheat.

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