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TSA Plays Fool Forced to Drop Miyamae Felony Sexual Abuse Charges

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by hearit

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The TSA agency known for groping arrests an airline traveler for the same in Phoenix: Officers claim Yukari Miyamae woman grabbed an agent's breast, applying a squeeze and twist. But the agency that wants to prosecute a sexual abuse felony is out of luck. Some should've done homework, now forced to abandon the charge that has no sexual motivation.
Facebook fan pages abound, dedicated to Yukari Miyamae -- the frequent flier who supporters across the nation are calling the "21st century Rosa Parks". There's even a "Yukari Miyamae Legal Defense Fund" Facebook page, designed to help arrange for legal defense funds for the woman Phoenix TSA had thrown in jail. 
But despite the existence of at least 5 Facebook pages that have been dedicated to the Colorado woman since her July 14 jailing, no Facebook page is more popular than "Acquit Yukari Mihamae" (incorrect spelling of her last name and all).
Begun just days ago, Miyamae's garnered 4,300 'friends' of a sort -- who want to acquit her -- under her alter ego 'Mihamae'. Facebook Fans have gathered en masse in online support, now celebrating the fact that the woman in legal hot water earlier this week has just had the tap turned down to lukewarm. 
It's official: Yukari Miyamae will not be facing a felony sexual abuse charge for an alleged, July 14, TSA groping (or a 'TSA Grouping' if you ask The Huffington Post) at Phoenix, Arizona's, Sky Harbor Airport. TSA was insisting the woman was going to pay -- insinuating the agency would be prosecuting the hell out of her. They may pick another charge, but pretty much anything's better than felony sexual abuse.
The 61-year-old translator who lives in Colorado and flies frequently between her hometown of Boulder and Phoenix, Arizona was arrested when returning from a mid-July work trip in Boulder. Cops insist say refused a TSA screening on July 14 and began arguing with police officer -- all before some type of breast grab by the traveler, allegedly involving a 'squeeze and twist' and subsequent turn of events that has still not been clarified.
The TSA agency and its 'security' measures have remained widely unpopular with frequent and infrequent fliers alike, since the 'Don't Touch My Junk' TSA incident in San Diego, CA, heightened tension with air travelers.
This 61-year-old's arrest in Phoenix has garnered immediate fans nationwide, attracting frustrated fellow travelers by the thousands: "It's time these TSA agents get a taste of their own medicine," wrote Facebook user Tammany Fields. "I am proud of you [Yukari Miyamae]for standing on principles and for personal space and dignity."
TSA or officials at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona, wanted more than a misdemeanor. The agency was gunning for serious felony charges to be pressed against the Boulder woman. Cops reportedly claimed Miyamae admitted to grabbing the TSA agent in Phoenix. As most know, there's often large variation with what officers claim occurs and what actually does occur. Usually a 'suspect' doesn't admit to anything. In her only public announcement, Yukari Miyamae wrote via Twitter: "Police statement and Fox coverage does not depict accurately what happened to me on July 14th at Phoenix Airport in Maricopa county, Arizona."
Miyamae was thrown in jail, the frequent flyer arrested at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix and booked at Maricopa County jail in the Arizona state. The traveler was released from jail July 15, acquiring Boulder lawyer Judd Golden in the event.
The flyer wants the chance to tell her story of what really happened. Simultaneously it seems Fox is not on the good list. Whatever the news agency did, it must not have been good for the woman to call them out -- using those precious 140 characters.
Attorney Golden says her client "was violated by all this and has been traumatized," by the TSA incident, related arrest and felony charges. Miyamae also doesn't want the seriousness of the TSA experience "trivialized" by what has been portrayed as a somewhat humorous scenario of grabbing a breast. But her lawyer says Miyamae wants to share her story with the public. The Colorado woman hasn't had the opportunity to do so yet -- probably because she's been busy defending herself legally.
Speaking on behalf of her client, the air traveler's lawyer says Miyamae is "surprised by all this, but she is a strong woman." More importantly, the attorney says the woman "feels the way the TSA [agency] treated her and others is not dignified."
There's also those who vilify the 61-year-old who had a run-in with the Phoenix TSA agency. It seems 13 people want to see the traveler go down for her evil 'crime' -- whatever that may be, since no one knows the whole story yet. Those 13 form the "Convict Yukari Mihamae" Facebook page, designed to ensure Miyamae demise.
Currently unconfirmed, the rumor is 13 TSA workers have been missing their shifts for unknown reasons.
TSA is at it again with its lack of PR: "If you do not want to be searched don't fly," says Tom Pajewski on the agency's website. "TSA is doing their job…The woman [Yukari Mihamae] was out of line and needs to be prosecuted." It seems it's TSA who play the fool -- eager in its desire to prosecute, the agency seems to have picked the wrong legal charge in the case of Yukari Miyamae.
It seems the TSA or police screwed up a bit in the idea of sending a message to the public or attempts to spook air travelers nationwide: A sexual abuse charge must include an element of sexual motivation in order to be proved. Whatever the Transportation Security Administration agency hoped to prove in pressing an incorrect legal charge just got flooded down the drain. A spokesman for the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, Jerry Cobb, has confirmed the specific charge will not be pursued against Yukari Miyamae.
"TSA officers work every day to protect the traveling public, and the agency will not tolerate assaults against its workforce," says a TSA spokesman. And the public continues to insist it will not tolerate assault against its rights.


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