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Screw the Water Pass the Lube TSA OKs Sex Toys in On Board Flights

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by hearit

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It's an interesting irony: while air travelers are prohibited by TSA and airlines from boarding with liquids like water, sex toys are fine to bring on board that plane--including restraints and whips.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has has made a June 2011 announcement that fliers are allowed to bring vibrators on flights--although TSA security recommends keeping it under seven inches, for passengers to avoid being hassled. The TSA says bringing sex toys that exceed 7” could result in the vibrators being tossed. Plane passengers – flying any airline – are also allowed to carry on other forms of sex toys including whips, chains, leashes, restraints and manacles.

Apparently for your own safety, the TSA recommends – but does not require -- removing batteries from sex toys and vibrators, to keep sex toys from accidentally going off (or turning on) while you’re digging through that bag on a flight. TSA wants you to keep in mind that, as always, liquids have got to be less than 3 ounces – so don’t plan on bringing too much lube.

In September, the TSA adjusted its safety ban on liquids and has simultaneously helped airlines far and wide in boosting profits: while even the most frequent flyers can't bring their own liquid goodies -- like bottled water -- on board a flight, but they can now purchase those exact items from (surprise!) the airlines: Beverages and water can now be bought in the secure boarding area, on-board the airplane. Feel like you just got a new $5 fee slipped in somewhere?

If they're smart, TSA and the airlines should be splitting up those soda and water profits or working out some type of kickback -- after all those drinks TSA workers make passengers literally toss into trashcans -- just to be forced to purchase drinks once again, only a number of feet down the line. Smart. Very smart.


Transportation Security Administration: TSA HQ, TSA 2
601 South 12th Street
Arlington, VA 20598-6002
United States
Phone: (866) 289-9673
38° 51' 47.4084" N, 77° 3' 28.4652" W
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