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Why is Newegg Shipping So Damn Slow?

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by venusrising

venusrising's picture
In My Life

Ordered an item for the first time in a while to give a shot again. Yes, they do have some good prices but taking 4 days just to ship an item seems nuts. I figured since they were in California where I am it would be an easy feat to get something out the door. I order stuff from all the time with free super-saver shipping and get many items super fast. I know Amazon has more distribution centers but Newegg is in the same state. Then they go ahead and post shipping with tracking that still has no details. We all know what that usually means if you are familiar with shipping, someone printed the label.

When you have work to get done making the drive to Fry's Electronics may not be easy to fit in or top on your list but at least I can get a critical component fast.

This is really not going to sway me to order from them if I can get it at Amazon or elsewhere. waiting on a basic item that is shipping from only an hour away but takes the better part of a week just sucks.

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