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Walmart Leads to Arousal Shopper Gets Honest with Cops Over Exposed Member

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by copythis

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Different strokes for different folks--it seems some odd things can turn people on: A Louisiana man who's been caught driving around a Walmart parking lot apparently has some serious feelings related to the supercenter. That's the reason his penis was exposed--“he gets aroused” by visiting the retail giant.
A Louisiana Wal-Mart shopper apparently found something odd about a Ford Taurus and a man "with his penis exposed." Travis Keen is just 28 -- but life may be long for the man busted on an obscenity charge and held on $5,000 bail. One witness apparently tailed Keen as he drove around a Walmart parking lot in Monroe, Louisiana, reportedly pausing when he'd see a female in the parking lot -- allegedly to stop and watch the women.
Aside from the ultra-creepy factor, when police officers confronted the man over the exposed member, cops got an odd response: Keen reportedly told police that penis was out of his pants because of past experiences he'd had at Wal-Mart. Apparently Keen claims that when he visits Wal-Mart, he gets aroused. Maybe it's the idea of women stealing a home pregnancy test, water guns and cashews from Wal-Mart that turn him on. Or the women who jump on top of cars to stop lawless acts like beer-stealng from the Supercenter. But maybe, if he visits the stores long enough, Keen will be lucky enough to find Jesus when the savior appears on a Walmart receipt.


Walmart Supercenter
2701 Louisville Avenue
Monroe, LA 71201
United States
Phone: (318) 324-0016
32° 31' 27.3972" N, 92° 5' 46.2696" W
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