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No Ordinary Snake Bite as California Man Chomps Python in Biting Snake Twice

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by copythat

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There's a snakebite--and then there's a snake bite. A guy in California decided to chomp on a python. And the law isn't happy about it. People can die from snake bites. In this bizarre case, a snake nearly died from human bites.
In most unusual charges, 54-year-old David Senk is behind bars on "suspicion of maiming or mutilating a reptile." He may be in jail awhile. The bail's $10,000 grand after a physically bitten snake was forced to undergo emergency surgery: Cops say the guy from Sacramento (CA) bit the python -- twice -- and left some nasty marks in the snake's midriff. Strangely enough, police probably wouldn't have been alerted to Senk's chomping of a snake, had a concerned person on the street not called cops after seeing the man on the ground.
It seems a kind citizen thought David Senk may have been assaulted or hurt. As it turns out, he's allegedly responsible for inflicting the harm.
When police arrived, cops were informed by another man that David Senk had asked to hold his pet snake -- before taking two deliberate chomps out of the creature. The guy who owns the python apparently claims it wasn't immediately clear why Senk bit the snake. It's probably not that clear after the fact either.
For those who aren't aware -- yes, snakes do have ribs. This snake can prove it. It lost two.


Sacramento, CA
United States
38° 34' 53.6592" N, 121° 29' 39.84" W
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