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A Visual Guide To The Proper Usage of HO and HOE For Twitter And The Web

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by Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller's picture
In My Life

There has been no better time than the holidays to illustrate and correct the proper use of the word ho versus hoe. Santa made ho famous, but real hos (loose or slutty girls) everywhere made it a part of our daily lexicon.
There is no bigger offender of this misuse of calling a girl a garden tool than Everyday, you can see hundreds of Tweets roll by with people calling this girl a hoe and that girl a hoe. It really makes me want to bash them over the head with a real hoe (garden tool) and force them to read the dictionary.
Santa use ho as an interjection to grab your attention. Hence ho ho ho. The Ramones used it to sing "Hey Ho. Let's Go.
Ho used as a noun is slang for whore. Many Whores would be hos OR hoes but one is never a hoe. Again a hoe it is a garden tool.
Visual Aid pictogram attached so you can double click to review the difference between ho vs hoe if you are more a right brained thinker. Have fun.

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