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State Pays Prisoner Ride to Bank Robbery as Free Man Back in Custody Same Day

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It just may be a record for fastest turnaround: A guy got out of prison in the morning. He was back in custody at about 10:05--the same morning. And he did it all via the state's dime.

The man who was released from Oregon state prison left the facility by bus -- on a state-paid bus ticket, his destination apparently intended as an income source. A guy's gotta have funds to live. Some earn those funds. Others steal them.

Adam Ashe allegedly arrived in time to hold up a bank at 10:02 a.m. after the state paid for his ride days ago, late January. Cops had him back in custody three minutes later. It was fortunate timing for law enforcement -- very unfortunate for the former prisoner.

Most people who are in prison would probably prefer to be free from those bars or a forced lockdown. But then there's the theory that some prisoners are more comfortable in the system, they know, than out -- committing crimes to get back in the space that's more comfortable, or controlled. That theory tends to be attributed to long-term prisoners. This is a guy who had been in prison for only about two and a half years -- since 2009.

How Adam Ashe got to prison in the first place may be just as strange as his, arguably, forthcoming return. It all happened over a trash can.

There's no better proof that it's not the best idea to mess with U.S. post offices, crimes that could lead to federal charges. Roseburg, Oregon, police originally nabbed Ashe over a trash can fire. A trash can may not seem like the biggest deal -- but nfortunately for Ashe he apparently decided to elaborate. It seems he informed law enforcement he'd intended, or wanted to, burn down the whole place. And, it seems, conveying that thought didn't go over so well. The correlation remains a bit unclear but apparently Ashe's desire for the post office to burn to the ground was based in anger over troops sent to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Roughly two and a half years after an arson conviction, Ashe was a free man. He may just be in running with one of the world's stupidest bank robbers who blew his own cover, shown in video footage below, after telling someone about the robbery -- before it occurred. Yes, cops were waiting. And law enforcement was (kind of) waiting in the case of Adam Ashe too.

Ashe didn't tell anyone about the robbery in advance but it's unclear whether he was blind when entering the building -- or had the most unfortunate timing possible for a criminal. A Eugene, Oregon, cop happened to be sitting in his patrol car outside of the Home Federal Bank branch at the time when Ashe allegedly decided to rob the financial institution. No word on what prompted the current crime. Maybe Ashe was angry over troops returning from Iraq.


Eugene, OR
United States
44° 3' 7.4484" N, 123° 5' 12.3144" W
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