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Monopoly Game Turns Brutal as Cheating Accusation Ends in Stabbing

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Monopoly can be serious stuff. Some say the game is capable of starting family brawls. Few would probably guess the famous family board game could lead to a stabbing--or actually multiple stab wounds, a head wound and a hospitalization. Parker Bros needs a new edition.
A 60-year-old woman’s accused of stabbing her boyfriend – repeatedly – because she says he was cheating in a Monopoly game. The New Mexico game that originated in Santa Fe went seriously awry, with glass and a kitchen knife eventually involved. Clyde "Butch" Smith apparently wasn’t that butch.
Surprisingly, of course, cops say “Butch” Smith and the woman 12 years his senior both appeared to be intoxicated. Also surprising in brawling scenarios fueled by liquor, there was a kid on the premises. A 10-year-old grandson told police the two had argued because the woman accused the man of “cheating at Monopoly.”
The first whack over Smith’s head allegedly came from a glass bottle – one that likely one that held liquor before its secondary use. Any intoxication on behalf of the other party may have proved fortunate for the guy who was probably served well by reduced aim. The older woman allegedly slashed him in the head and arms or wrists.
And, yes, Chavez is sitting in jail and may be for awhile. Bond is set at five grand. And she has no “get out of jail free” card.
Officers found Chavez hanging out sitting beneath a porch – covered in what they chalked up to be the blood. When asked whether the blood belonged to “Butch” the woman allegedly responded, “Yes, I fucked him up.” The statement proved fairly accurate. Officers found the man bleeding badly from wounds to the head and wrist upon arrival. He ended up in the hospital -- with slashes or cuts to the head, neck, eyebrow and wrist from a blade. All considered, the man's fortunate to be in stable condition.
Next up: Monopoly, "The Ghetto Edition"


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United States
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