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Filipino Man Bent on Being Superman Plans Even More Superhero Cosmetic Surgery

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by editor

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It may sound crazy but one guy considers every day a dress-up day—not just Halloween. He's bent on being the next Superman, or at least looking like the caped crusader. He’s Filipino and 35 years old. And he’s had a lot of surgeries to achieve his goal of being a superhero. It's already been at least a decade, but he's got even more cosmetic surgery planned for those abs.
Hugo Chavez is a pageant trader and dress designer who’s spent a reported 10 to 15 years of his life in trying to perfect his look to achieve superhero status. Over at least the past decade, the man has been having repeated cosmetic surgery performed on various body parts – surgeries that include his cheeks, chin, nose and lips – and, yes, even his thighs. The man who wants to be the guy in a red cape has also taken injections for skin lightening. And while he may have had his legs done, he’s still waiting on the upper half: Hugo Chavez plans to have work done on his abs to create more muscle definition.
It’s all to attain the ultimate ‘Superman’ look. The reason for it all? Still a bit unclear. The Filipino man says Superman is his idol – despite the fact the superhero doesn’t really exist. Neighbors don’t mind the superhero of sorts within their midst. Unlike his United States counterparts Hugo Chavez isn’t accused of causing chaos like some 'superheroes' who currently roam streets in the States. No one's accusing the dress designer of questionable acts or inciting violence. The Filipino 'Superman' seems to have a very different interaction with society than the self-proclaimed superhero Phoenix Rain, the 'superhero' accused of pepper-spraying citizens. The seemingly mild-mannered Chavez isn't running to block bar brawls. Neighbors like him, a lot. They say Chavez not only keeps the local kids entertained but also teaches the children good morals -- and spreads the idea that good deeds are good indeed.
Hugo Chavez seems to have achieved one piece of the look to absolute perfection. He's got the suave forehead curl down pat. As to the rest of the look, there is an apparent downside and the human “Man of Steel” might consider a cut-off for those cosmetic surgeries soon. Too many more surgeries and he's going to be resembling Michael Jackson more than Clark Kent's alter ego.

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