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Trash a Hotel for $13,885 Dumbasses Post Twitter Wreckage Photos

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by copythat

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What has become the standard, stupid way to get busted for a crime seems to include bragging on Facebook--but it seems at least some criminals want to ensure Twitter is not forgotten: Not one but three dumbasses post online photos of hotel room wreckage.

Six suspects between 16 and 23 years old have been arrested for destroying a South Charleston, West Virginia, hotel room -- to the tune of roughly fourteen grand in damages. A criminal complaint says $13,885 doesn't include damage to the hotel's sprinkler system. The dumbasses also made sure to post the hotel's nearby spa area they'd damaged -- which police probably wouldn't have been able to tie to the crime without the Twitter-posted pics.

South Charleston Police say the six had rented the room "to party". At least half of the clan -- three separate people -- proved stupid enough to write messages on Twitter, between themselves, literally as they destroyed the hotel room. They also made sure to post pictures of the scene, to make it easy for prosecution.

No word on possible reasons why a 23-year-old would have any desire to party with teenagers -- except, maybe, one. But no one got nailed for that.


Charleston, WV
United States
38° 20' 59.352" N, 81° 37' 57.4428" W
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