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eHarmony Dating Video Proves Debbie Loves Cats She Wants All of Them

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by hearit

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Debbie loves cats--and she's looking for a soulmate. But she really loves cats. For anyone who questions just how much Debbie loves cats, her emotional eHarmony video is absolutely unforgettable--and proof-positive of her undying love for cats.
It's hard to tell exactly what else Debbie truly loves -- since virtually all other passions are notably absent from her two-minute eHarmony video. In the briefest of strays from the subject of cats, does mention a love for running. But don't expect that to last long since the reference leads straight into another round of tears, followed with the explanation: "I'm sorry, I'm thinking about cats again."
Debbie really, really loves cats. She loves them. All of them.
Debbie wants them...and she wants them "in a basket".
For potential suitors, be warned in advance: Debbie will probably always love cats more than you. If anyone's concerned about "baggage" on the dating scene, here's an entire basketful.
And here eHarmony worries about having gay people use its dating site.

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